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Phase Two: YNYTT

Annette Tersigni and CYN's

connect with other nurses, learn, discuss, practice and heal

First, let me take a moment to celebrate with you! If you're on this page, it means you're in YNYTT Phase One. Now, you can kick your superhero game up to the next level positioning yourself as a beloved, world-class: 


Wear your cape proudly and your scrubs loosely as you fight pain and suffering in ailing clients one gentle stretch at a time and simply all out rock the world with your conscious caring presence! This profession was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we advocate for our patients, stand up for them, no matter the odds or the consequences. 

Being the amazing, conscious caring nurse yogini that you are doesn't come easy.

Every nurse needs her TRIBE to support her and that's exactly why we offer Phase Two of YNYTT. A time to deepen your journey. Connect with other nurses, discuss, learn, practice and heal. 



Phase Two: YNYTT

Online Virtual Training

We will be hosting a virtual online retreat/training. You’ll be dazzled with our genius presentations, step by step yoga practice clinics, dharma talks, healing meditations, and captivating guest teachers. Thoroughly immerse yourself in a nurse directed therapeutic yoga teacher training exclusively created for nurses by nurses! 

We’d LOVE for you to be there! We have limited space available per group. 

If you're interested in Phase 2 of YNYTT, please submit your name to our waiting list which will work on a first come, first serve basis. We will email you with an invite as soon as a spot is available.


Get on the waiting list

We will send you more details by email as well as an invite to our Phase Two training as soon as a spot becomes available.

Phase Two:

Develop your teaching excellence 

Apply for our  next level YNYTT IF you feel the calling.

We are offering our next level Phase Two online virtual training to those who feel the calling!

Includes premier designed, self directed online teaching modules, bonus content,  PLUS Live 1 x 1 mentoring with our lead teachers and ongoing live support. 

  1. This Course is the next phase of YNYTT based on foundation YogaNurse Essentials and Yoga Philosophy in Phase One.
  2. Learn seated, standing and reclining postures. The six movements of the spine. The three youth postures. Fascinating (not boring) anatomy and physiology of each posture, with benefits, variations and contraindications.
  3. Additional new essential warm ups, breathing techniques and postures for your own practice. 
  4. Receive a valuable YNYTT dedicated teaching manual, plus grab and go sequences with teaching scripts and visuals to reinforce your learning. 
  5. Plus two BONUS live online private mentoring sessions with faculty. 
  6. Zoom Q & A sessions.
  7. Certificate of Completion. You will then be eligible to apply/become ¬†CYN- Certified YogaNurse¬ģ in Phase Three.¬†

Dates  of program availability TBA

Prerequisite : Phase One YNYTT


Who is it for?

Our next level training is for nurses with the desire to go deeper into uniting yoga and nursing, and for those pursuing licensing as a Certified YogaNurse¬ģ in Phase Three.¬†

You want in-depth instruction and to be mentored and practice everything you have studied and learned in PHASE ONE

You want to experience a rare opportunity to learn with Annette Tersigni, Founder of the YogaNurse Model of Care and CYN - plus our Certified YogaNurse¬ģ faculty

You long for greater meaning, depth and purpose

You want a self directed online training with live mentoring to keep you motivated. 

Excellent for Beginners who want to thoroughly immerse themselves in a nurse directed therapeutic teacher training program.

Nurses suffering from a challenging time who need inspiration plus R & R. (Rest & Renewal.)

Holistic Nurses + Nurse Coaches
Nurses who are currently yoga teachers who want to learn our model of care as an adjunct therapy and pursue full YNYTT certification and licensing as a Certified YogaNurse¬ģ

How to apply?

As long as you are enrolled for Phase One, you are welcome to apply to join Phase Two. Then go back to completing Phase One after. There's a limited number of spots available so please fill out the form and we will get back to you if you are accepted. We look forward to furthering your YogaNurse journey with you!

Phase Three:

Become a Certified YogaNurse¬ģ (Optional)

Done from the comfort of your home in your community.

Phase Three: Mentoring and Practicum

After the Phase Two training, we also offer our optional CYN program with myself and my team of CYN Certified YogaNurse prepared nurses, who will mentor you. You‚Äôll be part of the YogaNurse community, a community which is making healthcare history and focused most of all on bringing greater health, peace and wisdom both to the consumer and to yourself. You will also receive training that qualifies you as a Certified YogaNurse¬ģ¬†

Here’s what you need to know regarding Phase 3.

The training takes place usually once a year in the latter part of the year. We will announce the dates going forward. 

Annette Tersigni RN, creator and founder of the YogaNurse Model of Care’, plus our A team, will mentor you through your certification. Enjoy a combo of audio, video, PDFs, assignments, and our support caring for you through the entire process.

At the end, you’ll take a 45 minute examination. It is a verbal exam. Not written.

Many of our nurses who have taken our training are full-time moms with little ones and work 12 hour shifts and we take that into deep consideration as we’re invested in your success and want this to be achievable!

What you will learn in this course includes knowledge and habits that help you create a more conscious, healthful and peaceful lifestyle and inspire and instruct others to do the same which means less stress and more joy.

Dates & Details to TBA 

Phase 3 gives you Certified YogaNurse Licensing.

Licensed and Certified YogaNurses are authorized to facilitate The YogaNursing process and to teach official trademarked YogaNurse programs, and call yourself a Certified YogaNurse¬ģ ‚Äď CYN. A Certificate of Completion + Lifetime use of the YogaNurse trademark, including a copy of the YogaNurse logo + badges to use in all of your print & online marketing materials.


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